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Courthouse Technologies
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Primary Contact

Scott Kerr
#310 - 601 West Cordova
Vancouver, BC V6B 1G1

Phone: 877.685.2199 toll free
Fax: 604.685.2991

Secondary Contact

John Arntsen
VP, Client Services
#310 - 601 West Cordova
Vancouver, BCV6B 1G1

Phone: 604-685-2199 x.222

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We are a boutique software firm that uses our expertise in jury management to provide your court with newest automation and technology. The goal is to make your life easier while streamlining your jury operation, adding convenience and saving you money!

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Jury Management Specialists

Courthouse Technologies has 50 years of combined experience developing solutions for the jury management process. This experience has taught us that superior jury management systems are not crafted just by computer programmers, but by dedicated technology professionals who are specialists in the jury management field. Our team of developers has built more jury management systems than any other vendor anywhere. And because we have applied expertise not just with our own applications, but with a variety of commercially available jury management systems, there is no one better qualified to provide you with the best jury management products, technical support and consulting services available.

Our Solutions:

Courthouse JMS

Courthouse JMS is a commercial off-the-shelf, Web-based jury management system that has been designed, from its foundation, to serve users from a single, centralized Web server infrastructure (unlimited users).

Courthouse eResponse

Courthouse eResponse is our Web-based self-service peripheral application for jurors to view general information about jury duty, fill out their questionnaire, view their current status, make requests to be excused, disqualified, or deferred, and receive outbound emails from the court.

Courthouse IVR

Courthouse IVR is our self-service application for the phone. This peripheral product allows jurors to call in to the court 24/7 and listen to general information about jury duty, hear their current status (direct from the JMS), make requests to be excused, disqualified, or deferred, and receive outbound calls from the court.

Courthouse IDS

Courthouse IDS is our imaging system that collects the information from returned paper summonses and questionnaires. Courthouse JMS uses integrated logic to compute the data collected via Courthouse IDS (via Optical Mark Recognition) into meaningful results in determining the qualifications of a prospective juror.  For example, based on the response, the system can identify which records are qualified, which are not, and why, and can automatically update the Courthouse JMS database.

Courthouse SummonsDirect

Courthouse SummonsDirect is Web Service built into Courthouse JMS that uses pool data to mail summonses out on the court’s behalf. Data is run against the NCOA, cuts down undelivered mail by 90%, and allows us to provide you with the best possible postage rate (currently $0.38/summons).

Courthouse Kiosk

Courthouse Kiosk is a peripheral product designed for jurors to perform self-service functions without the need of engaging court staff. Courthouse Kiosk comes with a barcode reader and uses a touch screen that allows jurors to complete questionnaires for qualification, print vouchers or attendance letters and attend themselves.

Courthouse SMS

Courthouse SMS is a peripheral service designed for users to send text messages to jurors about anything related about their jury service. Courthouse SMS offers your prospective jurors an alternative to getting emails, phone calls or “snail” mail. It is quick and efficient, sending your custom message within minutes of creating it.

Courthouse Source List Updates

Courthouse Source List Update brings the data in the JMS system as up-to-date as possible based on an updated Source List provided to CHT by the Customer.

The updated JMS data is processed through the National Change of Address (NCOA) registry and United States Postal Service (USPS) CASS Certification. The JMS data is then analysed for duplicate Candidates.

Courthouse Annual Support

Courthouse Technologies will provide technical support by telephone, email, and Web to designated Court staff twenty four hours a day, seven days a week through our Annual Support programme. This service will assist Court personnel with any software deficiencies, training or other support issues that may arise from time to time and includes unlimited user access to our Customer Support Center (CSC), located in Courthouse JMS.

Courthouse Refund Program

If you subscribe to the Courthouse Technologies' jury platform or use our SummonsDirect service, you are eligible for our Refund Program. If you mail out less than the number you approximated when you signed up, you get the difference back! You only pay for what you mail and nothing more.


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