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INTRESYS - TurboCourt
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Alex Zilberfayn
Belmont, CA 94002

Phone: (650) 208-1881

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TurboCourt was built to address challenges presented by the constituency demands for online services and transition of governmental agencies to efficient e-Government.
TurboCourt is a web-based electronic government services platform enabling courts to administer the process with easy, automated data and document exchange transactions between courts, clients and filers, justice partners and other agencies.

The TurboCourt is an established, commercialized, award winning platform that empowers the participants and improves the process.

For over 14 years TurboCourt powers production systems ranging from large scale national programs run by the Department of Homeland Security, to statewide in Arizona, New Hampshire and California and large metro courts in Chicago and New York, to rural courts in Florida and Michigan just to name a few.


TurboCourt SAAS (cloud) provides for over 14 years a data centric Interactive Intelligent electronic filing platform for courts, attorneys, justice partners and pro se litigants.

TurboCourt modules include an ECF4 compliant electronic filing manager (EFM), e-Payments, customer support and cloud manager, tools for clerks and judges, and access to court documents, coupled with value add services for all filers.

One of the characteristics that sets TurboCourt apart is its ability to provide electronic filing capability for All courts, All litigants and All case types. From its inception, TurboCourt was designed and built to facilitate uniformity, standardization and broad compliance, while providing jurisdictions with configurations that support their unique local requirements. With TurboCourt, our clients are experiencing:

  • Reductions in operating costs
  • Decreased case processing time
  • Improved compliance with state performance measures
  • Enhanced and improved customer service
  • Increased revenues
TurboCourt’s platform, is founded on layered architecure and based on an open standards, offers the Justice enterprise a greater breadth of functionality.  When implemented using NIEM/ECF data exchange standards, it provides a ready-made connection between incoming filings and back-office systems and services. That connection provides a means for rapid adoption, service proliferation, automated data flow-through and reduction or elimination of manual intake and case processing.


Product/Services Categories

Access Technology
Appellate Court Technology
Case Management Solutions
Customer Services
Electronic Filing
Family Court Technology
Human Resource Software
Jury Service Documents
Knowledge Management/Data Warehousing
Networking and Systems Integration
Other Products/Services
Probate Court Technology
Public Access
Workflow Management Systems

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