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Thomson Reuters
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Primary Contact

Brittany Plaszcz
Senior Marketer
610 Opperman Drive
Eagan, MN 55123
United States

Phone: 6516878053

Secondary Contact

Kendall Smith
Business Development Manager


Phone: (651) 687-1142

Company Information



Thomson Reuters offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help you streamline your entire judicial process. Our rich history is the foundation for our specialized expertise and deep understanding of our customers. Discover how we help government attorneys, courts, libraries, and investigators do their jobs more effectively and efficiently.


Westlaw: Find the legal information you need, quickly and confidently, to build the strongest argument possible. Westlaw ensures that you are relying on accurate law - because your practice depends on it.

C-Track: Our court case management solution, is a user-friendly, Web-based system designed to help you better manage your workflow, allowing your court to process cases faster and more efficiently. 

Judicial Chambers: An off0the-record tool that supports the drafting,legal research, and collaboration needs of judges and chambers staff.

Drafting Assistant: All the tools you need to review and draft legal documents and save hours in the process. Product your best work and speed up the review process - right from your word processor. 

West km: Maximize productivity and efficiency by integrating knowledge management software with your court's work product, and incorporate Westlaw enhancements and legal research technology.

Practical Law: Get legal know-how that gives everyone in your court a better starting point. Standard documents, checklists, legal updates, how-to guides, and more - created and continuously maintained by our 230+ expert attorney editors.

CLEAR: Having accurate information on case participants is a critical factor. To help you save time, Thomson Reuters has created investigative tools with the most current information.

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Case Management Solutions
Case Management Systems
Electronic Filing
Networking and Systems Integration
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Workflow Management Systems

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