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Judicial Systems, Inc.
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Primary Contact

Gary W. Dower
211 R. E. Lee Drive
Tyler, TX 75703

Phone: 800 205-4068
Fax: 903 561-8329

Secondary Contact

Heath Rosenstein
Director of Sales
211 R. E. Lee Drive
Tyler, TX75703

Phone: 800 205-4068
Fax: 903 561-8329

Company Information


Judicial Systems, Inc. provides Jury2018Plus, the most flexible, efficient, and user friendly automated jury management system available. Jury2018Plus is a fully integrated and affordable jury management system with the flexibility to accommodate local situations. Judicial Systems, Inc. is able to increase access to the court through the use of additional integrated modules: Document Imaging, i-Juror Interactive Web Response System IWR,  Telephonic Juror Information Management System JIMS and our mJuror mobile texting system.

Judicial Systems, Inc. - Your Court Technology Partner Since 1982


Judicial Systems Inc.'s Products and Solutions:

  • Jury2018Plus - Jury2018Plus Jury Management System is the most advanced, integrated jury management system available. Because no two courts are alike, Jury2018Plus, the most comprehensive Jury Management System on the market today, is designed to match each court's unique requirements. By working closely with each and every jurisdiction since 1982, we have a very unique and thorough understanding of the many different court processes. Jury2018Plus makes extensive use of user-defined tables, which allow courts to customize the application to their own environments and business practices.


  •  mJuror - Judicial Systems, Inc. has developed and imbedded Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms into one of our jury management products, mJuror. mJuror receives text or email input from a potential juror, in “everyday language”, and evaluates the meaning of the request. mJuror then provides an accurate response to the potential jurors inquiry. This provides the courts the ability to accomplish two things at once: provide human-like interaction with citizens that doesn’t involve additional personnel expenses, and address the citizens desire for an instant response. mJuror also allows potential jurors the ability to text m-Juror and complete their qualification questionnaire or profile.  This feature allows the potential “on the go” juror the ability to answer their qualification   questionnaire at any time by using their smartphoneA demonstration video of mJuror is available at


  • iJuror - Our IWR systems, iJuror, will reduce the amount of staff time required to process a vast majority of the summons that are issued. Jurors can visit your Web site, 24-hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week, to find answers to commonly asked questions, accept service, view instructions for the next day's service, obtain work certification documentation and request exemptions or deferrals according to your court specific policies. Based on the user's request, the system will generate an electronic confirmation of each request, saving your staff time and reducing postage costs. 


  • JIMS - Our IVR system, Juror Information Management System (JIMS), reduces the amount of time your staff spends responding to routine juror telephone calls. JIMS allows prospective jurors to obtain their qualification status and retrieve reporting information over the telephone 24-hours-per-day, 7 days-a-week. Jurors may respond to qualification questionnaires, reschedule their service date as well as being informed of up to the minute reporting instructions. Using prerecorded voice files, the JIMS system can speak information to your potential jurors and prompt them to provide data needed to complete many of the routine telephone inquiries. 


  • Document Imaging - Judicial Systems, Inc. provides courts with a seamless data and image capturing solution. Through the use of Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and barcode reading, juror qualification questionnaires and summons profiles can be digitally scanned to make processing more efficient. The digital images can be stored, displayed and printed keeping actual paper work to a minimum. In addition to taking a digital picture of the front and back of these forms, the data is read from the forms and updated within the system. The quality and integrity of the captured data is dramatically improved by reducing errors inherent with manual data entry procedures


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Court Technology Consulting
Courtroom Technology
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
Jury Systems

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