GJXDM Wayfarer 2.0

Disclaimer: This access tool was developed for internal use at the National Center for State Courts. It was created by reverse engineering the data model from the official schema. The code that performs this is available on request. The National Center for State Courts does not claim that this tool provides an accurate representation of the GJXDM. For official and authoritative representations of the GJXDM, please visit the Office of Justice Programs GJXDM website.

Current sort order: Alpha (Change to Schema)

Welcome to Wayfarer 2.0

This is an all-new version of Wayfarer. It includes the following features:

This version is currently in BETA. The following feature is missing but will be added:

Wayfarer 2.0 Beta also exists in a localized format, suitable for installing on your laptop. To install it, download it (10 megs), unzip the archive, and open "index.htm" in a browser. Localized Wayfarer requires:

Localized Wayfarer does not support: